Moved: how to clean a refrigerator

1, to the refrigerator before cleaning, disconnect the refrigerator power supply, will the food in the refrigerator to come up;
2, and then the refrigerator freezer shelves, fruit and vegetable boxes, bottle boxes out, note that these are fragile, be careful. With a cloth dipped in water mixed with detergent cleaning attachments, after the cleaning is completed, wipe with a rag, or be placed in a ventilated and dry place and let it dry naturally. Freezer drawer out in turn, frozen food can not take them out.
3, let the freezer defrost naturally, remember in the freezer beneath some towels, place frozen defrost water to wet the floor;
4, first clean the refrigerator casing and doors, with a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe the refrigerator case and handle if grease is more local, you can dip the detergent to scrub, the better;
5, on soft cloth moistened with water or detergent, and gently scrub the refrigerated tank, wipe away your detergent and then dipped in water. Cleaning refrigerator "switch", "light" and "thermostat" and other facilities, please put the dishcloth or sponge dry.
6, freezer ice melting, can be wiped clean with a towel, do not do not use sharp objects to tackle frozen ice on the evaporator plate, so easy to tackle the evaporator, and cause the refrigerator to malfunction. Open the door after cleaning, fridge-dried;
7, refrigerator, and freezer bile after cleaning, we have to clean up the guts of the refrigerator door. Refrigerator door seal is removable, remove door seal not savage pulled, so as not to seal the door dragging bad. Door gasket use vinegar water to clean 1:1 seal, disinfection is also good;
8, clean ventilation grille on the back of the refrigerator with a soft brush, wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth or towel;
&Nbsp;9, cleaning is complete, plug in the power supply, check the temperature controller is set to the correct position;
10. the refrigerator runs about 1 hour, check whether the refrigerator temperature down, and then place the food in the refrigerator. This time, the refrigerator cleaning is complete.
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