Appointment moving and moving companies well in advance

  about to move: because there are a number of possible factors in the move, so moving company in Dalian remind you to make an appointment when the moving company, must have a good moving company to clear and specific details.
For example: what furniture is in need disassembly, what valuable items, what large object, there is no air conditioning, there is no piano, no elevator, without artificial plane transportation, distance, and so on. Make sure all the items, moving companies can determine the price. Valuables or special furniture, and about the weight and volume, single floor cost: refers to the elevator case, items too large to use the lift handle. Instead, you must use the stairs moving, and so on should be communicated.
Moving companies in Dalian to remind you when you move: need to tell the moving company, which packages are what kinds of things, which packages the contents easy to embrittlement, do we have a rubbish, whether assisting dismantling, packaging or boxes provided.
Please note: the old Office, the new Office of the tunnel size. If the van will need access to an underground car park, pay attention to height and the height of the car park. Arranged in the old and the new Office service number and car number.
Damage claims: items such as damage claims of principle is what should be in the inquiry ask before signing up.
Anyway, when you move a certain and moving companies communicate all issues without good communication, can result in temporary charge, which is bad for both sides. When we move to communicate, or broke moving companies do not pay attention to your items.

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