Teach you how to identify legitimate moving companies

        refers to moving, we might be a headache, raised many, many disputes will forever pain, not be ripped off by unscrupulous industry, which was extortion, furniture destroyed injury does not say, money and kind of let people think about moving big. It's OK to completely eradicate the move dispute, we taught you about moving companies.

First, what constitutes legitimate moving companies
Currently Act Shang and no issued "moved company" such of license, Ministry put moved industry return for "car freight industry" to management, and to has car freight industry of qualification must has 25 million of capital amount, filed vehicles 20 Department, and six a parking, by paid tax amount costly, on because its threshold high, led to many industry who to other way to registration filed, currently on has following several form: packaging company, and lifting engineering company, and industrial limited, and enterprise social, and not filed of personal moved, The governing unit, the penalties are not the same, there are unscrupulous operators do not even register, just borrow someone else's licence to operate in order to avoid traffic management, its difference from comparison table can be learned.

Second, moving companies often appear questions  
But, according to consumers of questionnaire statistics found, decent business of industry who also not completely is to Ministry finds of "car freight industry" filed registration, and so-called of qualified industry who also often staged moved disputes of play code, actually Government if not separate set set "relocation services of management approach", let management has method has according to, in the large industry who also can application into management, moved of mess as still is cannot improved of. Indeed in recent months, the Ministry of Education invited a number of relevant units, the private sector and the legal adviser, to work out a way to regulate the industry, and also may not be on the former, readers can open your eyes now!

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