Eight ways to move to package

    move, some things need boxing, boxing eight methods are described below:
    1. When boxed, infrequently used items started up: surveyed, for example, books, kitchen utensils, food categories surveyed.

2. put together, only one room at a time: due to positioning items, articles don't mess the room, mixed together.

3. packing do not leave gaps occur when: the space inside the box, in the box slide more easily, cartons burst as a result, scattered all over the floor, affecting the progress of the work.

4. when boxed in mind too full: damage prone, and difficult to stack boxes, prone to dangerous situations.
    5. Heavy and fragile boxes: heavy objects such as books, fragile items such as China, packed into cardboard boxes should not be too big, too heavy, inconvenient transportation.

6. the items marked in the box outside: easy to read, boxing has been completed, items clearly marked and labeled location.   

7. font of folded cardboard boxes do not fold at the bottom: for their inability to bear weight, easier to crack.

8. when placing clothing, can choose a larger glove box, fold into the clothes won't wrinkle, and control clean.

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