After moving the air conditioning maintenance knowledge

(1) machine check research: first unscrew the captive screws, La machine, using a soft brush or vacuum the inside of the dust, and check all research there are no missing or loose wiring, if becoming dislodged and loose fitted, after fastening, the casing can be mounted, then tighten screws.
(2) before using the Qing sweep: before summer or use a window air conditioner in the winter, you should sweep the Qing dust on the condenser and the evaporator coil. When cleaning, use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean in the future, attention to clear scan must not damage the condenser and evaporator fins

(3) cleaning air conditioning filter network: air conditioner of air worry network is used to filter air in the of dust particles, using a time Hou, filter online on will accumulated many dust and dirt real, effect window air conditioner of into air, to reduced compressor of business Ling effect.. so, each across 20-30 days needed Qing wash once air filter network. Qing wash walk sudden:: put window air conditioner into outlet door open, taking air filter network, with not over 40 ℃ of warm water (or added detergent) Qing wash, then with Qing water flush clean And wipe dry with a soft cloth or dry after washing, and then into the original location in the future.

(4) wash Panel and chassis: use a soft dry cloth lightly there, you can also use mild soapy warm water not exceeding 50 c light there ... but must not use volatile oils. their mechtech oil. acidic solution or a stiff brush to clean, so as not to damage the paint and plastic parts.

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