Friends move house gift scheme

friend move you can consider the following gift programs:

furniture ~ decorative painting;

send a decorative flower

Phalaenopsis, Euphorbia pulcherrima, pleione, cyclamen;
Send mature plants, such as Gladioli \ \ rose bonsai pots \ \ represents a Grand meaning;

orchids, it is false, color fidelity, without special to them and easy to clean, I sent a friends when I moved to a new home, still on the porch, feeling very stable Xin. Rubber tree, money tree, and Tulip;

Chlorophytum comosum, is elegant and clean air, Phalaenopsis is also good, pretty rich-wood Evergreen wardian cases.

Bar ~ can set the bar, you can also drink. can be used to receive guests, they like to drink better, drinking can also be used to furnish their new apartment.

tea well. new moves can be used to greet guests, drink and health care, he would have received had a lot of fun.

Finally-and wish you gift the best! As you like it

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