Do the following to avoid public move moving gas

due to the rapid development of Guangzhou, Guangzhou now moving companies is also increasing, growing competitiveness, is a result of a number of acts of unfair competition, the company reminds customers must do the following before moving, that move gas:

a: first, before we moved to clear up to move items to be prepared psychologically, to the Administration for the release procedures.

II: telephone inquiry to tell us when you move the site and the site address and danyuanlou and contact details, tells us in detail the need to move goods and matters that require our attention.

three: tell us relocation site and the site of floors and parking position to ascertain whether or not removal of the property management Department, moving vehicles can drive to the ground floor or basement, if not about how far the distance.

four: the move is there when you need furniture disassembly and Assembly, disassembly air conditioning, furniture costs of packaging materials and more.

five: Finally, we will provide you with the information to your workers, vehicles and move prices.

six: ready for more than a few, I believe that this move will be successful and happy.

seven: Finally, I wish all the new and old customers of the company moved to a new House, work goes well, "go along"


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